Private Lessons:

The main focus of J. Brooks Academy of Music is private, individualized musical instruction.  Students of all ages and levels of musical ability are welcome.  Lesson plans are flexible in length and frequency.  Thirty or 45 minute lessons once per week are what most of our students take, but 1 hour lessons are also an option.  The minimum frequency of lessons is weekly, but students may choose to come more often. 

Preschool Music Programs:

We have several piano methods specifically for 3-5 year olds.  Wunderkeys is a music and math based program that is a pre-piano program and well suited to 3-4 year olds.  This program is 29 weeks long and prepares the young student for a regular piano method.  Lessons are 30 minutes once per week.  Students will enjoy meeting their finger friends while learning about pattern, rhythm, and sound.  Click here for more information.  

Pianokids(R) is a piano method program for ages 4 and up.  Many younger students will start with Wunderkeys and then continue with Pianokids(R).  Students ages 4-6 may begin with Pianokids(R) and continue through all four levels. These private lessons are 30 or 45 minutes long once per week.  Click here for more information.  

Summer Music Programs

Summer music programs vary from year to year.  Most summers private lessons in piano and voice will be offered on a flexible schedule.

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