For students to excel to the best of their abilities, regular attendance to their lesson is most beneficial. Their lesson time is reserved especially for them throughout the music year and missed lessons cannot be refunded or made up. Any lessons missed by your instructor, for sickness or other reasons will be made up or credited.


If a student is unable to attend a lesson, he/she may choose to allow someone else to attend in his/her place, such as a sibling or friend, providing the Academy receives a minimum of 24 hours notice of a substitute. Otherwise missed or cancelled lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled for any reason. There will be no exceptions to this policy.  The Academy would appreciate notice of missed lessons when possible.


Fees are based on 10-months of instruction (Sept-June).  Students may pay fees by the year (one payment), term (2 equal payments), or month (10 equal payments). Students may be required to give a deposit at registration to secure their lesson time. The deposit will apply to the final lessons the student takes in term two. Monthly payments will be the yearly tuition divided into 10 equal payments.  Term payments will be the yearly tuition divided into two equal payments. Students who choose the monthly payment will give the Academy ten post-dated cheques dated for the first of the month (Sept-June).  Cheques are due at the first lesson in September.  Students registering after the beginning of the fall term will provide post-dated cheques upon registration. Students wishing to pay electronically may do so through e-transfers.  

Late Payments:

Payment of fees reserves the specific lesson time for a particular student; therefore, students and parents understand that late payment for lessons will result in their lesson time becoming available for another student. Lessons will not be continued if fees are overdue. Please be sure to keep all accounts up to date. NSF cheques will automatically result in the loss of lesson time.  Should a student have an NSF cheque, but wish to continue lessons, they must contact the Academy immediately.  A $25.00 fee will be charged for the NSF cheque.


Students may register at anytime throughout the school year. Fees will be pro-rated from registration.  Students understand that the yearly tuition and fee schedule will be adjusted to compensate for starting lessons part way through the year.


If the student must discontinue lessons before the end of the 10-month period of instruction, the Academy requires 3 weeks notice of termination. One months fees or the lesson deposit will be retained at the time of notification.  

Parking, Drop off/Pick up:

Lessons are scheduled back-to-back in order to maximize the use of time.  As a matter of courtesy, parents dropping off children for lessons are asked to be conscientious of the previous student’s lesson and not drop off their children early. Likewise, picking up children should be done on time, so as not to disturb the next student’s lesson.  Students who are habitually dropped off early or picked up late may be asked to discontinue lessons. 

Arriving for Lessons:

Students will enter quietly through the front door and remove all boots, shoes, and outerwear.  Please do not knock on the door when you arrive! Remember, there is a lesson going on, so the door will not be answered if you knock.  Please place boots and shoes in front of the closet and hang coats.  Hands must be sanitized immediately upon entering.  Once students have removed outerwear and sanitized hands they may enter the studio and sit quietly until the previous student is dismissed.  Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons.

Materials/Lesson Books:

Lesson fees do not include books and/or materials. Students will be expected to purchase books for their respective instruments. Books can be purchased from the Academy and/or obtained by special order through the Academy.


The Academy holds a minimum of 2 recitals per year. All students are encouraged to take advantage of these performance opportunities. Recitals are free of charge and open for the public to attend.

Festivals and Exams:

There are several opportunities per year for students to compete in Festivals. The Academy also offers preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams.  Examinations are encouraged among students, but should be entered into with commitment from the student, teacher, and parent/guardian.  No student may sign up for an exam without the approval of their teacher. 


The Academy does not conduct lessons on Statutory Holidays, during Christmas Break, and during March Break. Regular lessons will take place on Easter Monday, Halloween, and PD days.  A calendar will be given to students/parents at the beginning of the fall term detailing the lesson schedule.

Summer Lessons:

The Academy hosts a variety of summer programs and lessons. Summer registration begins the end of May, and is separate from regular school year registration. For more details on summer programs, please check the website for updates.