Why music lessons?

Music lessons have been shown to help develop reasoning, coordination, memory, attention, and spatial-temporal skills. Sadly, with more and more cuts being made to our education system, music is almost non-existent in our schools, yet studies have proven over and over again that students who take music lessons do better in school! Private music lessons are a way to fill the void in music education in the schools.

Who are music lessons for?

Maybe after reading the above paragraph you think music lessons are just for kids, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Adults can benefit from musical instruction just as much as children. Music lessons are for EVERYONE! 

Can I receive High School credits for music from private lessons?

YES! If you take music examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music, or other accredited program of musical study you are eligible to receive high school music credits. In Ontario you can receive a Grade 11 credit for any Level 7 music examination plus Intermediate rudiments theory. You can receive a Grade 12 credit for any Level 8 music examination plus Advanced rudiments theory.

What if I don’t want to take exams or perform?

No problem! Music is all about the individual. Some people dream of being on stage, others simply want to learn for their own pleasure. Whatever type of student you are, your lesson will be tailored to your specific goals! Of course, the teacher is going to give you some goals too, but we believe in collaborative lessons where both teacher and student have input.

What if I’m not sure I/my child will like the lessons?

Many times people request a “one-to-try” lesson; however, being able to tell if are going to like a music lesson doesn’t usually happen in just one week! Music is best approached as a long term endeavour. We suggest that if you’re not sure about lessons to sign up for a minimum of four lessons, and give yourself a chance to experience more fully what the lessons will be about and how you will progress. We believe that after 4 weeks, you’ll be sold on the idea of music lessons, and there’ll be no turning back.

How will I know how my child is progressing in their lesson?

Open lines of communication between parents/guardian and the teacher are encouraged. There are several ways to ensure you are kept informed of the progress you child is making in his/her lesson. First, each student will have a practice journal. The teacher may record notes about how the lesson went and any practice assignments.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s practice journal weekly.  Secondly, there will often be a “check-in” with parents at the conclusion of the lesson each week, giving a brief report of how the lesson went, and any specific assignments the student may have. If you ever have a concern or question about your child’s lesson, the teacher will be available at the end of the lesson to speak with you.  ~ Due to the fact that lessons are scheduled back-to-back, we ask that you respect the next student’s lesson time and discuss any questions or concerns with the teacher during the last 5 minutes of your child/children’s lesson ~

Lessons occur weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.  Students may enrol at any time throughout the year.  Please contact the studio for details and to register for lessons!