What Can You DO with Music?

I often get this question from parents when considering music lessons for their child.  They want to know if they are going to invest their time and money, are music lessons something their child will use in the future? Could they actually make a living off of their music?

Many people don’t realize the abundance of career opportunities there are for musicians!  Here’s a list of just a few.

1.  Teach private lessons ~ in your home, in your clientele’s homes, or in a studio

2.  Perform at a restaurant ~ many fine dining restaurants, pubs, and even coffee shops have live musicians (don’t forget to have a jar for tips!!!)

3.  Perform at private functions ~ maybe it’s a birthday party, fancy dinner, party, or family gathering.  People still hire live musicians to play at events at their homes.

4.  Perform at public functions ~ fashion shows, university graduations, weddings, funerals, grand openings, CD release parties, fairs, fundraisers, and the list could go on!  

5.  Accompany ~ skilled, professional accompanists are sought after musicians for university auditions, recitals, musical theatre productions, rehearsals, and more! Many professional classical singers and musical theatre actors hire their own private accompanist!  Make sure you practice your sight reading!

6.  Play in a symphony orchestra. 

7.   Work for a recording studio ~ not all bands have every instrument they want for their music.  Some recording studios hire professionals to help fill in for bands.

8.  Join a theatre or opera company, tour with them, and perform

9.  Compose ~ this is another endless area of opportunity; tv commercials, radio jingles, movie scores, pop tunes, country songs, instrumental music, choral works, and more!  Many composers are commissioned by groups, orchestras, and choirs to write works specifically for that group.  Every time your piece is performed or purchased you receive a royalty 🙂

10. Church musician ~ sing, direct a choir, play an instrument, head up the music program.  Churches are known for having dynamic music programs and they hire musicians regularly to direct those programs and perform.

11.  Market for a music buisnes like the ones listed above (symphony, recording studio, opera company, etc.)  ~ Many large scale music related business hire marketers to promote them.  Someone with a knowledge of music will bring better ideas of how to market a professional music company.

12.  Be an agent ~ all bands, singers, and performers have agents.  An agent with a knowledge of music would have an edge.

This is just a brief list of some careers that knowing music can lead to.  In our next post, we will talk about what students need to do to prepare for a career in music!



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