More Benefits of Music Lessons

The last post explored the question “Is it OK to take lessons JUST for fun?”  The answer is a resounding YES!  However, music lessons can be more than just fun, they can benefit a person in many ways.  Here are just a few.

Music lessons enhance children’s verbal intelligence.  Canadian researchers report that verbal intelligence in children age 4-6 rises after just one month of music training! About two years ago we began to look into offering preschool music lessons.  We now have several lesson options specifically for preschool children at the Academy.  You can read about them on our Programs page.

Music lessons have also been linked to keeping an aging brain healthy. Adult lessons have been a part of the Academy since it first opened! We have many adults studying piano, voice, and guitar.  Our program for adult students includes a method book specifically geared to their level, and even some performance opportunities in a supportive and positive atmosphere with other adult students.

There are several health benefits to music.  Music has ability to improve heart health and blood pressure.  Music can also help you sleep better.  Most of these studies have to do with listening to music, but learning to play soothing, relaxing music could be a good way to improve health too!

Then there’s this study that links making music to children being nicer :). 

There are more benefits to music, but these few examples show just how powerful an effect music can have on a person.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for your music lesson today and start on your way to a happier, healthier life! 

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