Is it OK To Take Lessons “JUST” For Fun??

People decide to take lessons for all sorts of different reasons.  I passionately believe in the benefits of a musical education! Study after study has proven that music does make you smarter!! Here’s just one of many articles that outlines some of the benefits of music lessons as part of a well rounded education.

So… considering the huge benefits of taking music lessons educationally, what about someone who just wants to learn music for fun?  Is that OK?  Absolutely, it is OK! As much as I am passionate about the educational aspect of music, I am passionate about it being for fun.  The truth is, music means different things for different people.  Those who value education and those who value fun can both find value in a music lesson.  Having fun is just as valid a reason for taking music lessons as doing lessons for educational benefits.  Here’s why…

By taking music lessons for fun you reap ALL the same benefits as those who take music more seriously.  You still learn to read notes, count rhythms, and incorporate dynamics into your performances.  You still are exercising those parts of the brain stimulated by music, which can provide all sorts of health benefits.  You do not have to become a famous rock star, a concert pianist, or an exceptional music instructor to make music lessons worth while.

Most people love to be entertained and are willing to pursue their entertainment with passion and dedication.  Take a Toronto Maple Leaf fan for instance.  We all know how much Leaf fans love to cheer for their team and are loyal to them no matter what!  Music is entertaining.  We LOVE tapping our feet to a catchy tune or rocking out in our car to the radio.  Taking a music lesson only adds to and enhances the enjoyment we can receive from music.  Going to concerts is fun, but getting to put on your own private concert each week in your music lesson is fun too!

So, the next time you feel like you are not receiving the full value for your music lesson because you are just interested in having fun, don’t worry about it!  Enjoy music.  Enjoy the fun of it.  Enjoy being entertained.  Enjoy learning in the process.  Don’t stress about not learning enough!  You will learn no matter what, and what better way to learn than to have fun doing it!  

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