Warming Things Up for Spring

Spring is definitely my favourite time of year!  Especially when the sun finally comes out and the snow FINALLY starts to melt!  Here at the Academy we are already warming things up for Spring. 

First, we have our “Rockin’ the Practice” contest going on!  This is a studio wide contest aimed at making YOU (the student) the next great Rock Star.  If you haven’t already picked up your latest Rock and Roll assignment, be sure to get it from the front desk at your next lesson.  We have some incredible prizes to give away at the end of this contest.  You could win your choice of an iTunes gift card or a Tim Hortons gift card.  WOW! That ROCKS!  

Second, we are gearing up for North Bay’s biggest music competition, the Kiwanis Festival of Music.  I’m really excited about the students who have entered the competition this year.  We have some fantastic adjudicators who will be with us, and I know every student will love learning from them.  We also have the Festival Awards ceremony, which will take place on May 10th.  This Ceremony will celebrate every student who achieved the highest marks in their category at the Festival.  There’s a little less than a month to go, so keep practicing and polishing your songs and pieces!  There are several cash scholarships and awards available to the students, so it’s worth all the hard work!

In preparation for the Festival, the Academy will be hosting a Masterclass on Saturday April 12 at 11:00am.  Any student who is going in the Festival is welcome to come and perform their piece.  Our qualified and experienced teachers will all be present to give you those final tips on how to have the best performance ever.  All of our teachers participated in the Festival for many years, and we can give you the best advice on how to have a successful Festival performance.  Don’t miss it!  

Finally, I know we are just getting into Spring, but don’t forget that the Academy offers a summer session for lessons every July and August.  This year, we are going to be doing something a little different for our summer programs.  You can sign up for regular lessons, or you can join one of our specific Summer Lesson Programs.  The student can choose from “The Pop Star”, “The Composer”, or “The Show Off”.  Each program will include elements that help the student achieve success in whatever subject they’ve chosen.  

Happy Spring and enjoy the warmth! 🙂

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