Kiwanis Festival

I am and competitive person, so I LOVED performing in the Kiwanis Festival as a teenager.  I especially loved it when I placed, and I loved it even more when I won scholarships!

Each year, we have MANY Academy students perform in the Kiwanis Festival of Music.  The Festival brings in top-notch adjudicators who have a passion for music and for helping improve students’ musical abilities.  Their feedback is always encouraging and positive.

There are many categories you can compete in throughout the Festival.  Everything from classical, to popular music, to duets and trios, to quick studies and sight reading, is possible!  Vocal categories cover the whole gamut of vocal music from classical, jazz, popular, country, musical theatre, and more.

The registration deadline for Kiwanis is the end of January.  Your teacher has probably already presented this great opportunity to you.  I would like to encourage every Academy student to enter the Festival.  It’s a great experience, and a lot of fun!

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