Why Lesson Policies are Important

Every business has policies.  Retail stores have exchange policies, refund policies, and limits on how many sale items you can buy at one time.  Policies help keep both the consumer and the retailer satisfied in difficult situations.  At J. Brooks Academy of Music, we have instituted a set of policies that we believe give our students a much better lesson experience and avoid potential conflict BEFORE it arises.  This helps us provide top-quality lesson instruction for each and every one of our students.

Simply stated, our policies are good for our students.  They keep both the student and teacher accountable.  They help us run an effective studio and maintain good customer relations.  They ensure that every client is treated fairly and with the same standard.

I’ve been in the music teaching business for over 13 years.  I’ve taught with zero policies, and I’ve taught in places with many policies.  Based on my past experiences, I have written policies for the Academy that I believe are the most fair and the best balanced for the student, teacher, and business.  However, sometimes a brief conversation at the time of registration or over the phone is not necessarily sufficient to EXPLAIN fully all our policies.  If any of our clients ever have questions about a policy, please feel free to discuss them with our desk staff.  We are happy to let our customers know the reasons for all our policies :).

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