Upcoming Events

This week I started hearing Christmas music coming from the studios!  My initial reaction was… ALREADY????  But, then I went to the Dollar Store and saw that they too are getting in the Christmas spirit.  It’s hard to believe that time of year is here so soon.  I mean, I’m still getting over my Thanksgiving Turkey :P.  However, I love the fact that our students are excited about our Christmas Recital, and that they want to practice early.  But, before we get to the Christmas Recital, there are many more musical events going on in the next few months.

1.  October 23 @ 7:30pm.  The North Bay Symphony will be performing at the Capitol Centre downtown.  These concerts are always well worth attending, and the Symphony offers an excellent discount on student tickets!

2.  November 2 @  7:30pm.  The renowned Elmer Iseler Singers will be performing a joint concert with the Near North Voices.  This concert takes place at St. Andrew’s United Church.

3.  November 23 @ 1:00pm.  The North Bay Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association will be hosting the annual Honours Recital.  This takes place at Christ Church on Vimy St.  Students who received the highest marks on the Royal Conservatory Exams over the past year will receive awards and scholarships and give outstanding performances.

4. November 30 @ 7:30pm and December 1 @ 2:30pm.  The Rapport Singers Choir will be presenting their annual Christmas Concert.  This concert will take place at St. Andrews United Church.  ***Jessica Brooks Wadley is the collaborative pianist for Rapport, and this concert will also include performance by the Bel-Melodies Children’s Choir under the direction of Jessica Brooks Wadley.

5.  December 14.  J. Brooks Academy of Music will be holding it’s studio recitals throughout the day.  Recitals are open to the public and free of charge!

Be sure to take many or even all of these exciting musical events happening in North Bay!

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