Why Take Music Lessons?

Have you ever wondered why people take music lessons?  There’s all sorts of reasons for wanting to take a music lesson.  People who already take a weekly music lesson certainly know WHY they wanted to do it.  But what about someone who has never had a music lesson in their life?  Why should that person consider taking a music lesson?


Music Makes you Smarter

There have been all sorts of studies done that show music makes people smarter.  It helps children learn spatial recognition skills, develop hand/eye coordination, and learn to be disciplined.  Music sharpens listening skills, visual skills, and motor skills.  A simple google search will reveal a myriad of scholarly articles and studies touting the benefits of music lessons.  Here is one such article http://www.livescience.com/1388-playing-music-smart.html.

Music Makes you Nicer

I’ve known this for a while :), but I actually came across an article the other day that proved it for me!  Music is so powerful and it’s universal.  EVERYONE has a favourite song.  Music can actually affect mood.  We all know that when we’re sad a cheerful song can make us feel happier.  This recent study that I found asserts that music helps children be nicer.  Wow!  That’s a huge benefit of music lessons!  Check it out for yourself :). http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/making-music-nicer-kid-study-article-1.1449895

Music is Educational

You may think this sounds a lot like the first reason, but did you know that Ontario allows students to use Music exams toward Secondary School credits?  Students who complete a Grade 7 instrumental exam (piano, voice, guitar, etc.) and an Intermediate Rudiments theory exam from the Royal Conservatory of Music can receive a high school credit.  You can also receive credit for a Grade 8 instrumental and Advanced Rudiments Theory examinations.  https://examinations.rcmusic.ca/plan-your-examination/academic-information/high-school-accreditation

Music Increases Confidence

Feeling good about an accomplishment is a fantastic way to increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.  With music the list of accomplishments is endless.  Each week our students are rewarded for learning their pieces perfectly.  Vocal students learn about stage presence and performance practices that increase confidence.  We hold recitals that give students an opportunity to perform for an audience.  Every performance is valued no matter what level the students are at.  There’s nothing more rewarding than going on stage, performing a song, and realizing “You CAN do it!”.

Music is FUN!

Those who have never taken a music lesson have no idea how much fun they are missing out on.  Each week as I teach my lessons I laugh, giggle, smile, and chuckle.  We smile because goals are achieved.  We laugh at a silly word in a song.  We try not to get frustrated when we make a “mistake”, because really mistakes are just learning processes.  Instead, we make a joke of it, or laugh, but realize that we are learning and making ourselves better performers!  We congratulate students on success.  We learn our favourite songs from the radio and have a blast playing or singing them!  We have so. much. fun.!

Maybe you have a different reason for taking music lessons.  There is NO wrong reason to take music lessons!  Maybe you take music lessons for all of the above reasons!  That’s great.  Whatever your reason for want to learn an instrument or sing, we know that music will be beneficial to YOU as a person.  So… Have Fun 🙂


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